Corporate Transition Division

Tom's 27 years of experience at Abbott Laboratories has molded his second career in the Financial Industry. Going through the corporate retirement process and transitioning out of the corporate world has armed him and the T. Heller Financial team with the skills and know-how to assist clients in need of guidance.


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"I did not know where to turn or where to go for financial advice when forming my exit strategy from "Mother Abbott." I found myself somewhat confused as to the process; the requirements; the when, how, who?  Do I have enough money and how long will it last me and my family. I noticed a service missing within the industry and the need for resources and advice required to transition out of the corporate world. We take great pride in the services we offer at T. Heller Financial and are fully equipped to provide practical, solution-based guidance."


Making the Corporate Transition

We understand each client's background is unique, this is why each client receives an individualized approach to answering the financial questions that may arise. Differentiating to client-specific needs and concerns gives us the ability to provide you with all the facts and details for you to make informed decisions.

Here is are some of the areas we focus on:


  • 401k/Employer-Sponsored Plan Rollover Process


  • Provide an engaging and highly personalized client experience that promotes a deeper understanding


  • Pension selection guidance


  • Transparent and seamless transitioning